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” I had the chance to work with a talented singer who was vocally healthy, disciplined, musical, technically precise and natural. At a certain point I asked who was her teacher and she said Susan Eichhorn Young: and everything made sense to me”

Leonardo Vordoni, Conductor

I have known of Susan’s work for many years, particularly the broad range of styles and techniques with which she is conversant.  So it was a great pleasure to finally of being in the same place to see the results up close!  It is funnily ironic that we both had to go to Brazil to cross paths!!!

Everything I knew of Susan’s work was reinforced in person, particularly getting to work with some of her students, and hearing others.

Her passion and commitment to her students and her work is enviable in today’s world, and we are lucky that continues to find new ways to inspire vocal students, whatever their professional aspirations.

Bill Florescu, General Director
Florentine Opera Company

“Susan goes above and beyond in terms of preparing her students for the audition room. They are not only well-trained and have reliable & solid technique, but they know how to successfully navigate an audition and present themselves appropriately and professionally. When I see her name on a resume, I know that the odds are in my favor.” –

Joy Dewing, Casting Director, Joy Dewing Casting

I trust Susan Eichhorn Young Implicitly! I have NEVER hesitated to send students to her for all genres of music from opera to music theatre. I trust not only her abilities as a voice technician but also her advice, her wisdom and her incredible ability to help guide one’s career. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her should consider themselves VERY lucky indeed.

Othalie Graham,  Dramatic Soprano

Susan is a force, guru, friend, technician, and professional. Her knowledge of the business is complimented by her adept ability to train and articulate how others will be successful in it. She is fearless in her expertise, always going beyond the mold of “teacher” to embody compassion and purpose in the wisdom she provides. I have been most grateful for her perspective, training, sincerity, and respect for our craft and the tools she provides in my successes within it.

 Scott Sowinski,  Singer/Actor

For over 7 years, I have had the privilege and honour to have Susan Eichhorn-Young as my mentor and voice teacher.

Within seconds, Susan can diagnose the issues that need to be resolved. As a professional singer, I need my voice to be clear, powerful and flexible.

Susan always provides me with technical exercises that suit my voice type, my abilities and skills. I am grateful for Susan’s ongoing support with my career as a voice teacher and performer. Having a voice lesson with Susan is similar to a deep tissue massage; she can untangle any knots in your voice within minutes and help you regain the flexibility that is required to maintain an operatic career. Thank you Susan for always there for me. Merci!

Kristine Dandavino, Dramatic Mezzo |

Susan Eichhorn Young is a rock star, or perhaps my fairy godmother. She has amazingly sensitive ears that pick up on every nuance of your singing, and she is able to customize your lesson to suit your instrument, technique, and physical and emotional state in a way I have never seen in another studio. Her teaching is firmly grounded in anatomy and physiology, rather than abstract, subjective images that are subject to gross misinterpretation. Her knowledge of repertoire in a variety of genres is vast, she plays the piano like a boss, and she shows a tremendous understanding of the realities of performing for a living. She maintains the delicate balance between providing support and encouragement with a healthy dose of the reality and honesty we all need to move forward and find our true path.

 Jody Mullen, Soprano

Susan has taught me how to mix properly! Thanks to her I can sing all day and never tire. She has also taught me that consistent study of one’s craft will make one a strong performer. Susan is a true inspiration.

Lisa Franklin, Soprano

“It is difficult for me to fathom the person I was when I first met Susan four years ago. I was feeling discouraged and doubtful of my ability to continue to sing, as I had been working with teacher after teacher and finding little to no success, but within one month of lessons in her studio, Susan turned both my voice and my perspective completely around. Aside from her loving support and patience, she shared with me her extensive knowledge the voice–both the physicality of singing, and the mechanism as an instrument–which allowed us to work together to discover and build my true voice. Not only did she help me to establish a reliable technique, a growing confidence in myself as a performer, and a skill set that I could take with me to all of my future endeavors, but she instilled in me a profound appreciation for the craft of singing. With Susan, I discovered in myself a singer that I never would have known was there. She is too gifted, too supportive, and too dedicated to her students for amazing things to NOT happen in her studio. With a strong technique, and an awareness of my voice and of my artistry, I have entered into my graduate studies at a conservatory where I am pursuing a Masters degree in Opera. I would not be in this place if it were not for all that Susan has given me.”

Leah Golub, Soprano

I have never felt confident to bring different genres of music to a voice teacher until Susan. Coming from a classical conservatory background, I had always been reluctant to bring even the most legit musical theater pieces to my teachers. However, with Susan, we have, within one lesson, gone from Mozart, to Schwartz, to Journey. Susan has been able to help me “put on a different hat” with every style and continue to sing the repertoire in a healthy way while telling the authentic story within the piece. I feel like a much more versatile and capable storyteller because of the time we have spent in the studio together.

Ryan Townsend, Tenor

“I absolutely love working with Susan. Hands down, she is my favourite voice teacher to work with because I always feel that my voice is safe – and growing! – in her hands. The technique she teaches, while based in a traditional structure, her approach is unique, as she helps expand my knowledge of my voice, and apply beneficial new insights that I have learned from Susan, to my performance. I know my musical theatre career would not be the same without her!”

 Alexis Gordon (“Iris” in the world premiere of The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble, The Factory Theatre in Toronto, Canada)

Beyond finding somewhere incredible and affordable to live in New York and finding someone really smart to handle your taxes, the best thing you can do for performing career is make Susan Eichhorn a part of your team. This business is tough and it’s is necessary to have some serious amo in your artillery. That is to say that it’s exceedingly important to keep your vocal instrument and artistry sharp at all times. Susan gives you the tools and the benefit of her many years of experience to elevate and sustain your work. It’s an added bonus that she is one of the nicest people and her studio is a safe environment to stretch and grow. Do the work! Take it to the next level…..and then take it BEYOND. ( I did – with the help the Susan Eichhorn Studio! )
Trent Armand Kendall

Onemoe Music | | |

I was looking for someone to coach me in the style of early R&B and they recommended Susan Eichhorn Young immediately. I soon learned that Mrs. Young was a voice teacher covering a multitude of styles including, Musical Theatre, Opera and Pop. As a working performer, I have to navigate all of these areas extremely well. What a comfort to know my voice and spirit are in the capable hands of a gifted and inspired Voice Teacher. Get to a lesson today to discover what you are truly capable of!

James T. Lane
Chorus Line, West End, London | Scottsboro Boys, Broadway/West End | Chicago, Broadway

I’ve been studying with Susan for about six years. In that six years I have literally watched as my voice continues to strengthen and evolve. She has completely transformed how I use my voice by strengthening the core of my natural sound and building from there. Whether you are with her long-term or short-term if you apply and practice what you learned in your sessions, you will see a healthy difference not only in your voice, but in the way you approach your voice. Susan translates her knowledge of the voice into a language that works specifically just for you.  She’s a terrific teacher.

 Dayna Dantzler | Color Purple | Book of Mormon

“Working with Susan is more then just working on ‘the voice’…it is about working on the essence of being a performer…the breath and understanding of what it is and why it is we do what we do.

She helps to make my heart sing!”

Cynthia Dale,  Toronto, Canada


Susan is an amazing super woman who makes rainbows come out of your mouth. She is a voice magician that is constantly imprinting the vocal instrument into her soul and teaching you how to connect to the truest essence of yourself.  She is a spiritual vessel who’s passion for the craft is like no other. There are no limits to where I can go every time I have a lesson, every time I study with her, it’s not only a spiritual experience, but I learn something new about my voice. It’s like being in a lovely mansion and we dance around and open new doors and the doors are never ending.  It’s like I’m Alice in Wonderland, except only magical things happen.  When I leave I feel lifted, like I can conquer the world, much less this monster called the music biz.  I am so blessed to have such a gem with me on my journey.  Even when I’m not with her, I carry her words and inspiration in my pocket, they keep me strong when I feel like I can’t do this artist life anymore, but I can……and I will…… forever.

Ayanna Williams, singer/songwriter

I work with brilliant coaches in Australia, Europe and the US, but I always look forward to returning to Susan Eichhorn Young’s NYC studio. Over the past couple of years, Susan has helped me to address daunting challenges, always with honesty, humor, and sound technical practices. Susan understands and complements the work I do with my teacher, so I know that I can bring in anything from a Rossini aria to a world premiere role, and be in safe hands at every stage of preparation.

Susan’s guidance, both vocal and professional, has been invaluable to me. I trust in her integrity, her extensive knowledge and her genuine investment in my success, and find her a constant source of support and inspiration.

Kari Lyon, Soprano

I’ve been studying with Susan for about two years now and cannot be more pleased. She truly focuses on finding YOUR voice and YOURSELF as a singer. Her approach on teaching is individualized and specific for each singers needs. What I love most is the relationship you develop with her. I wouldn’t just call her a teacher, but more of a mentor, or in my opinion, my “voice momma.” She looks after her singers beyond the studio door. Learning from Susan has given me strength, versatility, and confidence, not just with my voice, but with my self-being. She has helped me discover and develop my voice to a whole new level. I walked in there calling myself a “dancer who sings.” Now I can strongly say she has changed me into a “singer who dances.”

Kristie Ergas,  Singer/Dancer

For years I struggled with vocal issues…I was constantly sick, losing my voice, and was diagnosed with pre nodes in college. Eventually I had to get my tonsils removed at age 23. This helped for the time being, but because I had been dealing with issues for years, I had developed many bad habits to work around always being sick. At one point, things got so bad that I even considering changing career paths–a heartbreaking decision for an aspiring performer.

When I started to work with Susan, things slowly started to get better. We worked on rebuilding my vocal technique and completely eradicating my bad habits. Today, my voice is in the best shape of my life. I never have to worry about my voice holding up through the run of a show, and now feel completely comfortable singing multiple types of repertoire.

Susan is thorough, caring, hilarious, and wonderful at making you feel completely comfortable in her studio. Her experience, knowledge of vocal technique and repertoire, and teaching styles are one of a kind. Susan caters all of her exercises to your specific needs, and she makes herself completely available for her students. She is a wonderful support system in this city, and I am so thankful to be able to call her my teacher.

Amelia Nemeth, Singer/Actor/Dancer







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